Margaret Thatcher, the Cosmos, and Me

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The Divine Twins are ever with us. Here is my reflection on the death of Margaret Thatcher, the state of the world, and our part in that. Please read the whole piece over at the Huffington Post:

We are divided for love's sake. We are divided for the chance of union. We won't get there until we remember that we wish to become whole again. We create the cosmos together, you and I. Every time we torture and train toward torture, we forget that we are bound in a holy embrace. Every time a drone strike is ordered, a girl is raped, or another young man killed, we forget that the same molecules infuse our breath. All this is war against ourselves. All this is war.

We are Divine Twins, locked in struggle, seeking our way toward love's embrace.

I am Margaret Thatcher and Steven Biko. I am Ronald Reagan and Daniel Ortega. I am Barack Obama and Abdulrahman al-Awlaki. I am every soldier at Fort Benning and every person camped under a highway. I am Oscar Grant, Alan Blueford and Gary King. I am Gwen Araujo and Matthew Shepard. I am the ones who killed them all...

Until the prayers of spiritual people become our actions, there will be no lasting changes in this world. The struggle of the Twins will overpower their embrace. Fear will forget connection.

Blessed be.


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