Opening to Life



Where do you feel your life opening? When you drop into the silence of breath and contemplation, of the marriage of your body and your mind, what happens?

We accustom ourselves to looking at closed doors and blocks, at irritations and things gone wrong. In the midst of all of this, however, there is always a chance we are missing: the opportunity to soften, to open, and then to muster up our strength and will and GO!

Some of us like to leap ahead to that end part. The part that says muster up strength, will, and then go. That is how I have been for most of my life. I’m learning differently now, and have been doing so, step by step, for many years.

Others of us get mired in the softening, turning it to apathy and numbness. We never quite find a way through, choosing instead to keep moving - if we move at all - in the circular motion of a revolving door. Or we choose to sink into the cushions of our lives, not quite satisfied, but never quite believing there is more.

Path by Imma (morguefile)

It doesn’t have to be this way. Clear direction comes from risking both decisive movement supported by strength, and by opening, relaxing our edges, and listening for what is present and what may come. Irritation may still be there, but it is not the only thing. The closed door has an opening as well. The details are important but they are not the whole story.  Something is waiting. Are we ready?

We can access our whole being, making our lives, and being made. 

I encourage us all to pause for a moment. Find the stillness at your core and breathe into that. Drop your attention. Listen. Sense. Taste. Soften.

Where is life leading you today? I look forward to reading your answers.


h/t to Umair Haque for saying: "being a leader is perhaps the toughest thing you can attempt. As you remake the world, it will remake you."

8 Responses to “Opening to Life”

  1. fortuna

    what a great reminder! on a morning that I am prepared to go ‘mustering up strength and saying go!’ – to new sources of income – I see that opening first – noticing what might be opening in my life – is the essential first step. love!

  2. Jes

    I become paralyzed with fear that action will rob my of my comfortable life. Never stopping to think “What is this comfort really doing for me?” Nothing, except paralyzing me with fear.

    • Thorn

      That sort of comfort becomes just as risky as movement, doesn’t it? We just need to recognize what it is we are putting at risk, and what we are willing to risk.

  3. ecstaticlght

    I’ve lived in the “soft part” for 2 years, observing several cycles that occur even then. Frustration, looking inward, acceptance. It has been a combination of both physical, mental and spiritual that has kept me feeling like there is forward motion even inside of this. There is also a temptation to be enveloped by this marshmallow cloud.

    Last week the “go forward” began in earnest and I have remembered to recognize it, so as not to let it pass me by. I feel I’m able to not let it overwhelm me after being softened for so long, by recognizing and using it rather than the forward motion using me and to be grateful as it takes me with it. Patience, recognition, trust.

    The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was actually quite a good villian. He can get too big and squish you with his soft goodness, but you can find a place for him to work with you and not eat you.

    • Thorn

      Good for you for recognizing the push to Go!

      Most of our inner villains can become allies, if we shift our relationship to them. You are right – there is energy there that we can work with.

  4. Robin Murphy

    I am noticing that I feel the most stuck and irritated right before there is another softening and opening. And then, almost as soon as I relax, movement happens leading out of that stuck place. Thanks for the reminder.


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