Prioritize Desire



What does your heart or soul long for? 

What do your thoughts turn to? 

What is the desire that has been coiling at your core? 

What are you making a priority?

If we do not act on our deepest soul desires, we are not allowing ourselves to do the work we are meant to do. We can choose to find ways to support our: art, activism, gardening, research, service, music, dance, parenting, writing, justice work, singing, laughter, study, leadership, spiritual practice…Name the abiding desire and we can choose to make the time. We can choose to face the fears, or the voices that tell us no, or the sheer impracticality of it. We can choose to make it practical. To do anything less is to sell our dreams out, to undermine our hearts, to not feel joy.

 Prioritize the actions that stem from desire. Make time. Take time. The whole world will be better for it. 

6 Responses to “Prioritize Desire”

  1. Gerry

    This feels very timely and important for me right now. Thank you for this post.

  2. Gravely

    Thank you for this. I needed a reminder. I’m trying to buy a house with a garden for this very reason and in the meantime I’ve allowed myself to be taken up too much with my job and trying to earn money and be on top of everything all the time. As a result my spiritual practice has completely gone out of the window. Thank you for the kick up the butt I needed to re-start me!

    • Thorn

      Gravely, I am always happy to be a vehicle for a cosmic ass-kicking! May you return to a strong center in spirit. And happy house manifestation!

  3. John

    I like how your 3 most recent posts fit together.

    With this post – remember to do what is important to you!

    But sometimes that seems so big, or so hard to figure out (even though sometimes it might also be as simple as remembering to get an ice cream cone). It’s also very easy to get caught in wanting instant gratification, or being goal-oriented rather than enjoying the journey as well.

    A solution for these sorts of problems? Make time. Listen and be. Now – what is one thing you can do today?

    Paraphrasing the Desiderata:
    In joy – your achievements and your desires.
    (“Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.”)


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