Choose (Love)



What exactly is it that you desire? What fills your heart and soul? What engages your actions?

What are you choosing to make central to your life?

I can tell you this: no matter how much pain you are in, no matter how lonely, angry, frustrated, sad, weary, or overwhelmed you may feel, there is still love in this world. There is still hope. 

You can choose to take a breath, raise your head, open your eyes, and meet this hope, this love. We all can. We are in this together. Let us offer one another friendship, and a challenge to live better lives. Remember, the smallest actions have effect.

We can do this. Together. Never forget: you are whole. 


(Written 11/13/12 at 36,000 feet, somewhere between Frankfurt and San Francisco. Written with love.)

12 Responses to “Choose (Love)”

  1. Seth Jensen

    Midnight in the midwest, and I do not have answers for these opening questions, but I appreciate the assurance that love is still alive, as I am still alive. May there be a meeting between us.

  2. Jorge Castro

    This is true however, if we are in so much pain, anger and, and, it is our choice, we choose to see ourselves as victims of the world. We can, as well, choose to not be all these negative feelings. Choose change instead of monotony. As Paolo Cohellio says, “if you think change is scary, try monotony, it’s deadly!”
    Thank you for the hope message,
    Blessed be and peace of I.

    • Thorn

      Jorge, I hadn’t thought of it as monotony. That is an interesting perspective. But I always feel that not choosing is as much of a risk as choosing. Apathy is as risky (if not more so) than action.

  3. Moira

    Yes, what you write in the last two messages is deeply ‘in sync’ with the topics, that some of my dear spiritual sisters and I are talking about during the last days.

    All of us come from families with psychologial problems: Depression and alcoholism, suicide, emotional and sexual abuse, betrayal…

    Everyone has to deal with these problems that pop up during this dark season of the year and the last dark moon…

    Everyone is fighting, falling, getting up again, everyone is trying to find out, how to heal… and her own healing-experiences qualify her for the healing-work with others…

    During the last days I tell them how grateful that I am that they are still here, that they still try to change, that they have chosen, to come into to this live with all its difficulties… That they fall and have the strenghth to get up again…

    It is true love that connects us and the love to eachother that helps us to survive these difficult times.

    And the vision that we hold that our work contributes to a change. That we will come back in better times, where the earth is alive, the elements are held sacred and people live together in abundance, peace and harmony.

    Blessed be!


      • Moira

        In addition I would like to add, that rituals with the ancestors and telling them for what you are grateful and which of their deeds – they might be bigger or smaller – you love and admire – is healing…

        Also doing the same with family members who still live – especially if the relationship has been difficult….

        Yesterday I thought bringing up children in difficult times and ones own psychological problems, feed them, give them home, support their education and professional training is a big act of love. And compared to our parents and grandparents we are priviledged because we know about techniques and spiritual practices that help healing…

        With love, * Moira

        • Moira

          … And we have a loving community of spiritual sisters and brothers we are connected with and can speak honestly about these topics… Another priviledge…

  4. Nikola

    Wow, this is wonderfully timed. I started on my journey to cut substances from my life again last wensday. On Day 5 now. Though it’s been an extraordinary gift to myself, it’s a challenge more to look past why i felt like i needed, or wanted to turn to, different things to shut my head and heart down around other people. I want to find my joy in challenge again, to live, not just to exist, and this is the first step. Thank you for your words

  5. Suus

    Just having shared a wonderful weekend in Heidelberg with you where so many loving people were present and then traveling home with loving friends followed by entering my house filled with love, I can only say that I fully agree with you. Love is the fuel that keeps us going.


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