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How much do we listen? How much space do we allow internally to pause, breathe, and open to what life is trying to teach us?

We can easily get caught up in our To Do list. We can easily get swept away in the rush of the morning, of a friend’s crisis, of paying the bills, or of political outrage. We can just as easily sink into the numbness that chooses to shut down feelings of overwhelm. We can easily forget that we co-create our lives with everything around us. We forget to choose to weave strands into our destinies.

Earlier this week I posted:

“We are only fated to something if we tell ourselves we are. Weave some strands into your destiny today.”

These days, I’m feeling for the strands of Wyrd around me, and the strands I generate from my own ideas, desires, energies and efforts. To aid this, I’m also listening. Listening to a body that is once again struggling with some sort of immune deficiency response - as it did fifteen years ago. I work and plan, listen to my clients and schedule new classes. Then I rest. I listen to the impulse to meditate at my working altar instead of my devotional altar. And to the impulse that leads me to pick up the wand, and balance it with the cube of Earth. I listen to the urge to attend another press conference for the family of a slain teenager. I drink tea. I read. I pray.

How do you listen? How do you weave strands into your destiny? How do you avoid this?  What are you struggling with and how do you include it? How do you show up? Let's help each other.

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  1. David Salisbury

    Thorn, first, I will pray for your health. We will keep a candle for you at our reiki altar and you can accept the energy if you need or want it.

    In terms of listening, I find I listen best when I get everything out first. In my daily practice, I like to do all my prayer, energy, magick work right off. Then spend the second half in silence and stillness. I find it helps keep my mind clear. Prayer work before stillness opens the way for that.

    To help me show up every day (for altar work or other things) I have deeply-spiritual Christian friend who is doing similar work. We ask each other how the other’s practice is going. We ask things like “how do you feel spiritually today?” or “What are you struggling with this week?” Being from different religious traditions, we dont feel pressure to offer advice or guidance to one another. We just lend an ear, which keeps us both accountable. I consider this one of the most valuable practices in my work as a whole.

    • Thorn


      It is wonderful that you have a friend like that. Mutual support is so helpful. It is why peer groups are also good for us. Figuring out a workable structure for our days, as you have, is also a great support.

      Thanks for the candle and prayers. I’m not in crisis mode, but I’m listening!

      blessings – T>

      ps I copied your edit into your original comment

  2. Gerry


    I am sorry you are having health issues. I have had a nagging feeling of unease concerning your health for several months. Now I know why. Perhaps I should have listened to this feeling and offered prayers sooner. Regardless I will pray for you now and offer whatever energy is mine to give.

    I make time to listen every morning as part of my practice and I also try to listen while on my daily walk. I am not always successful as often I cannot stop my internal dialog long enough to hear. Some days are better than others but I keep showing up. Sometimes I hear but talk myself out of listening to what I have heard or acting on it. I need to trust more.


  3. Thorn


    Trust is a big part of our spiritual training. Not blind trust, not “faith” but rather, the listening to the parts of our soul, paying attention to our senses and intuition.

    We need to not worry about “success” and keep returning to the idea of practice instead.

  4. Sandy

    I have been thinking about destiny a lot lately. In my mind, I make a distinction between the concepts of fate and destiny. Fate, the idea of immutable predetermined events,doesn’t hold for me. Destiny on the other hand feels like the foundational who and what we are in this incarnation.

    My gods tell me that destiny is what upholds the contract of our souls. I am still unpacking that idea. What I’m thinking right now is that the contract may not change during our lives, and the foundation of what we are may not change from what is “destined”, but the implementation of those things allows room for our weaving – our co-creation of how we fulfill our destiny. In other words, I can’t not be what I am, but how the what of me moves in the world and how it connects with the world is within my domain and affects also how the world moves with me and connects with me.

    I seem to remember a wise teacher (ahem) telling a group of workshop participants “You can’t wiggle out of your destiny”. 😉

    • Thorn

      “My gods tell me that destiny is what upholds the contract of our souls.”

      I like that. Something to chew on.

      I always distinguish between fate and destiny as well. Destiny is co-created.

  5. Beth

    Sleep is one way I listen. When it’s part of depression, it can be an avoidance tactic; but when I’m listening to my body and respecting its need for rest, it’s a great way to slow me down. Naps. Going to bed early. Drowsing in the sun on a weekend afternoon. A chance to change gears and let the body and subconscious take priority over To-Do Mind.

    I’m listening too. Feeling for the strands of my destiny. Engaging with what’s in front of me, instead of waiting for an abstracted ideal that is suspiciously late in showing up.

    • Thorn

      Beth, that realization that sometimes we are waiting for an abstracted ideal is a helpful one. That is one way I distinguish fantasy from desire. Fantasy is something we daydream about and wait for. Desire is something we are willing to take action on – like Jill and her writing course.

      May your rest offer renewal!

  6. Jill

    I have been hearing “write”, “you are a writer”, “ever think about writing?” for quite some time through meditations, friends, comments in passing during a variety of circumstances. And for approximately the same length of time, I have pretty much been hitting the snooze button on the idea. Which is a rather perfect illustration that “hearing” and “listening” are not necessarily one and the same 🙂

    I am longing to shake loose the career I’ve allowed myself to stagnate in out of fear and indecision about what to do instead. Yesterday I took that internal dialogue outside of my angst-ridden head for a public walk with a friend I greatly respect. After venting about the deep dissatisfaction I am experiencing in my day job, her brief she simply and profoundly advised me to stop focusing on what I don’t want, and start putting all of my energy into what I DO want.

    Deep, meditative soul conversation ensued. It was confrontational, scary, and most importantly – freeing.

    I would now like to introduce you to a new student of a local university’s Freelance Writing program. Me.

    Listening AND hearing in the same moment is a divine gift indeed.

  7. Jill

    p.s. Thankfully, editing is included in the early part of the curriculum.

  8. Moira

    To me my morning-ritual (including drawing tarot cards for my three souls and souls alignment) as well a taking a long walk in the wilderness of the moorland and listen to the trees, birds, wind… is the basis, from which I start. Then I try to figure out, how I can bring these energies into my everyday-life and work. It helps very much not to get overwhelmed in the practice with my clients, keep grounded,centered, inspired and connected…

    What you wrote reminds me of one of my most beloved old Irish poems, that I would like to share:

    Take time to work
    it is the price of success

    Take time to think
    it is the source of power

    Take time to laugh
    it is the music of the soul

    Take time to read
    it is the foundation of wisdom

    Take time to do charity
    it is the key to heaven

    Take time to pray
    it is the greatest power on earth

    Take time to play
    it is the secret of perpetual youth

    Take time to be friendly
    it is the road to happiness

    Take time to dream
    it is like hitching your wagon to a star

    Take time to love and be loved
    it is a god given priviledge

    Best wishes for your health and much love, * Moira

    • Thorn


      Thank you so much for this prayer. Beautiful!

      Connecting with Nature is such a wonderful way to remain present, you are right. I sit with trees every day. Sometimes it is only for a few minutes, sometimes for much longer, but even a few minutes restores and connects something in my soul.

  9. Moira

    Thorn, perhaps some insights help that I got recently concerning immune-system:

    Dieter Broers, a German scientist, has found out that in 2012 there are many eruptions on the sun. They weaken the magnetic field of the earth. Besides other possible consequences (for example fall-outs of electricity, increasing blood pressure, spiritual experiences of people who are not trained and may become depressive…) this also means that the immune-system goes down.

    I observe this in my practice, where people got the flu and other infections for 2-3 times (!) last year although they excercise and eat healthy food.

    Other scientists have found out that four to five portions of vegetables, fruit, salad… which have been recommended up to now – are not enough. They say you should eat 8-9 of different kinds. The reason is that the soil doesn’t consist of enough nutrients anymore – even not in organic food. Therefor you have to eat more.

    The tricky thing is that all vitamins and minerals play together. If one is missing (for example vitamin D) the body can not use others (calcium). Both is important for the immune-system.

    Some clients and I have made very good experiences with a natural juice that consists of everything you need. It has been tested by independent scientists and all came to the same very good results.

    If you can’t get something similar in the US I might ask the company if they send it to you.

    * Moira


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