Gathering Time



What is gathering outside your windows? Can you feel it? Can you taste the air?

What is coiling deep inside you? Can you feel it? Do you wish to dare?

What is outside calls to or resists what is within, what is within does the same with that outside. Resistance or longing, it almost doesn’t matter, except to our comfort levels. It is all energy. It all meets at the edges of our consciousness and skin. We can center. We can open. We can be present to change.

The dice cup rattles, the carved bones bounce on the table. What is revealed? Something simple: a great cosmic opening of which we are one part. Sometimes the risk is in the waiting. Sometimes we need to move. This morning I sang to the ancestors and danced for the descendants. The floor was cold under my bare feet. The runes showed me this moment, under candlelight, before the sun slowly filtered through the gray.

What is my task this moment? I am instructed to go about my work while continuing to court silence and more careful listening. Some of you? Perhaps you need bold movement and big change.

What do you think? What do you feel? What are you being called to do (or not do) in this time when the veils between things are thinning?

Time and season shift. Will you share your wisdom around my small fire? What is your story of this time? What is your purpose in this now?

24 Responses to “Gathering Time”

  1. William

    This morning I got a wake up call from the other side about my transgender journey. My Urologist feels there is enough need to come to terms with the changes that have occurred to my body post surgery that he requested an evaluation by a therapist. So I will take this as a sign that I should explore this issue a bit more seriously. I have been see sawing for the past two years on this issue. The ancestors have given me their backing that I am moving in the right direction on this issue.

    • Thorn

      William, may you get the support you need, both inside and out. I’m glad the ancestors are with you.

  2. Jesi

    I am being called to change. Something so common for everyone, the one constant, yet the one thing that makes me most uncomfortable. Not just small changes, but fundamental, life altering decisions that have been simmering for a while, but I refused to entertain. Change is scary, especially big change. But the return of autumn brings the onset of introspection, a deeper look inward and a realization that avoiding change stifles us in many ways, and I can feel both body and soul yearning for challenge and excitement.

    • Thorn

      Those changes can be scary! But when our longing grows stronger than our fear, our souls expand.

      Good fortune to you!

  3. Kim McDonald

    I am getting deeper onto this book,on Nature by Jung. I’m coming to see him as.a spiritual ancester. He felt torn by all of his diffetent interests and worked to find a way to connect them. For quite awhile now I’ve been struggling with restlessness and discontent with the career path I am on. I have felt I needed to leep my spiritual and instinctive nature separate from the detached clinical setting of psychosocial assessments and treatment plans.
    I have a deep longing for history, folklore and mythology; something lacking in our culture. I feel I need these things to be healed and to help others heal.

  4. Aquila Ka Hecate

    It seems that I’m being powerfully called to look differently at things I take for granted.
    This entire Earthly plane, for example.
    That is, as they say in the North of England “A big ask”.
    I have to trust that I’m up to it.

    Terri in Joburg

  5. tonyrella

    I had a dream the other day in which a man said that peace cannot endure where there is oppression. On an inner level, I am noticing all the ways in which parts of me feel persecuted by others and the ways in which I minimize, diminish, or suppress parts. On an outer level, I see that I have let myself stop prioritizing anti-oppressive work. For a time I had perhaps good reasons why I could not take on certain work, but now that the circumstances of my life are changing yet again, it is time to re-evaluate.

  6. Michael Butler Smith

    Thorn, as always your fire is welcoming, warm and inspiring! I find the synchronicity fascinating and confirming. Both runes and cards have been speaking to me of “staying the course” – a period of going within, of being in stillness – awaiting a “turning point” that will be initiated sometime from Samhain to mid-November. I have also encountered this same guidance in several client readings and students reporting in. For some of us our active nature wants to “do something” when we are being advised to be still, to stay on the cushion. I’m relating some of this to my turning 50 late last month. I’m thanking my Type A Self for years of dedicated service. I’m more consciously courting the Inner Sage now, the Inner Elder – the one who knows when to be still and when to take right action, when to rest and when to stoke the fire. For now it’s inner change – which will no doubt be followed at some point (after the turning) by outer transformation. May we move in perfect harmony when the energy shifts. Blessings and Love Always.

    • Thorn

      I also have encountered this message with clients. It feels like the threads of wyrd are strong, but not yet ready to coalesce.

      May we keep listening.

  7. elfin

    I had a series of vivid dreams last night that made little sense individually but collectively said “dive in – don’t hold back.” There’s something within longing for full engagement, and repeated messages telling me to evaluate what I need and to build the habits that will support me as I lead and teach.

    So much of this is pointing me in a direction that I have to take on faith (and trust): not yet concrete, and nothing that feels secure or in my control. But I guess that’s the nature of diving in: to break the water’s shimmering veil into a yet unseen world.

  8. Roma

    There is a lot of noise, a lot of pulling and pushing, and I can’t quite make sense of it. For now it is blaring chaos, and it feels so scary trying to decipher it all. But I guess that’s what I feel called to do.

  9. Fox

    This is the time of year, every year, where I feel the pull of the hunt and the hunted – though I feel that I sometimes shift and swirl between the two. And, this year, more than others, I find more common ground between – as I find myself leaving and becoming all at once.

    From Blue Star to Celtic Reconstructionist to Blue Star to my current road – such has been the last 20 years of my life, all too confusing, and enlightening (love those paradoxes). What is straight forward is my devotion towards earth oriented activism, and the lack of sentiment within the communities I have served/settled within. I keep feeling this is harsh, and I pull back a little. But it has guided my studies. When I pushed harder into ancient archaeology and history, I also delved deeper into Deep Ecology (ok, so I did major in wildlife biology). I just haven’t made the two meet, in a communal sense, and this difficult void makes me wince, despite my reluctance to whine.

    This season I am being pulled during my training as clergy to investigate other paths, such as Feri and Reclaiming that may have a little more resonance… Meetings start this weekend with a Feri priestess. I just hope that a hard polytheist “recovering Recon” (snickering) can find a little peace whilst making more of it in the world…

    Blessings to you, I have found much in your words,


    • Thorn

      Sometimes the path is the most important thing. Thanks for sharing a bit of your journey.

  10. Jill

    I feel called to move. My desk job holds my body captive in a chronic lethargy that drags my mind sleepily down with it by the end of the day. Deep inside, there is a tightly coiled longing ready to spring forth transformation in every area of my life from career to home to spiritual path. The restlessness is uncomfortable. But every step forward at this time is met with resistance: almost as though I am attempting to run a race wearing cement shoes. Despite my impatient objections, the message is not particularly subtle: “Wait. Not yet.”

    • Thorn

      Mmm. I know the feeling of wanting to move – part of why I have a standing desk, and why I take short exercise breaks (easier with a home office, I am sure).

      The lessons of the Hanged Man can be difficult but profound. They can be expansive if we let them – if we sink and open instead of always trying to “go!”

  11. Odelia

    I’ve been shifting tasks and time like some game of Tetris. I get a row of shit ton done, accept and arrange the new so that there is a clean slate, or rather, a stack of future free hours. Not sure if I am headed to another level or what, no time or desire to figure it out, just a growing excitement that I enjoy. Early on I sent my regrets for the holiday gatherings, so the coming nameless claimless hours will be as open as the leaveless trees. I cannot imagine what winds will blow, but the feeling, perhaps instruction, is still pointedly clear. I am to create time and in time create. No idea what, but that’s cool. I have tasks to manage before I even need or want to shift it from the back burners to the top of the grill.

  12. Ash

    I’m being called to nurture myself — to stop feeling helpless to take care of myself, and instead, accept the responsibility of caring for my inner child the way I have cared for others. I’m listening to what the child needs and answering with action.


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