Prayer For the Living and the Dead



May we honor the dead.

May we bless the living.

May we pray for peace.

May we learn and teach.

May we challenge our assumptions.

May we invoke justice with compassion.

May we seek understanding instead of vengeance.

May we know ourselves, in all our parts.

May we love one another.

May we love.


I call upon the Gods and Goddesses to be witness to my prayer. 

I will do my utmost best to uphold the spirit that dwells within these words, and when I fail, I will forgive myself and try again once more.


Edit: after I posted this prayer for those who died during and in the aftermath of 9/11/01, I read the news that another prisoner in Guantanamo Bay died: "the man who died Saturday had not been charged and had not been designated for prosecution." This is criminal. Too many people died on the day of 9/11 and far too many have been killed since, at our hands, in retaliation for that act.

President Obama, you pledged to close this prison. The fact that it remains open, filled with all but a handful of men who have not been proven to have committed any crimes, yet have been tortured and held captive nonetheless, places a sorrowful burden upon the soul of the United States and of the citizens therein. We will continue to hold you accountable for the suffering of these men until a way is found to transfer, give trial, or release them. In case I cannot speak for my brothers and sisters, let it be known that I hold you accountable, you and all who have not made this right. Together, may we continue to work toward that which heals us all.

5 Responses to “Prayer For the Living and the Dead”

  1. Stephanie Hartzell-Brown

    Bless you Thorn for remembering those who died on 9/11. More so, thank you for also remembering the promise Mr Obama made to close Guantanamo Bay. I too am disturbed that it remains open, men are dying who most likely are innocent. As this date comes again and as this election nears I hope our president lives up to his promise to close and charge or release those detained. Bless you so much for caring.Stephanie H-Brown

  2. Thorn

    Blessings to you, too, Stephanie. I sometimes wish my caring helped more. I act when I see a way, but sometimes don’t see much recourse for action.

    • Stephanie Hartzell-Brown

      I just read an article about the last death at Gitmo and it makes me so angry that these men are held after being found innocent; never to be released if we really admit it. It just disgusts me and I too wish there was something more I could do. This was Obama’s first promise that gave me hope he would change and focus on non violence; to have him break that promise broke my faith in him. It isn’t unreasonable to expect after 10 years that a detainee would receive a trial by now, be found guilty or innocent and a sentence rendered or the detainee let go. That is the way it is supposed to work but the balance of justice is so warped right now. I am sorry for venting but I know you understand and are so empathetic…thanx Steph

      • Thorn

        I have written to him about Guantanamo before, along with other things (NDAA for one). I just now sent my note above to him via


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