Honoring the Now: Astral Temples and Martial Arts



(I wrote this late last night, somewhere over the beautiful continent of North America.)

I am flying home from yet another amazing weekend teaching. Why amazing? Everyone present showed up as fully as was possible. Everyone present opened to a deeper part of self. Each person cracked open further to their longing to know. In our world, this is rare.

All of this occurred in a class that did not set out to be particularly personal. This was a class on building our astral temple, not on plumbing the psyche or wrestling with demons, yet things emerged anyway. Fears were faced and insights had. Temples were built and stories told. It was beautiful, and refreshing.  You see, magic, and spiritual practice, and really, everything we do, is always personal.

Before I left, I loaded the movie "Redbelt" onto the iPad. It is a movie that teaches about honor. About clarity. About being as clean and strong and compassionate as possible, no matter what life throws our way. I have watched this movie more than once. Each time it reminds me that honor is worth living for.

The people in class this weekend? They all honored the work. I honored their process to the best of my ability. We honored and supported each other in cultivating skill and flexibility. We traversed the inner planes and returned to share what happened.

Did we save the world? Not yet. But who knows if the world even needs saving. We communed with this planet and with the spaces beyond it, places that our minds can barely touch. We met our inner spaces, too. People faced joy, hope, boredom, resistance and fear. We just kept trying.

The hero of Redbelt? He does the same, I think. He confronts himself, again and again, and helps others to do the same, whether they want to or not. He is present with what is in front of him and acts to the best of his skill and ability: emotionally, physically, mentally. He is challenged. He is strong. He is kind. He kicks ass.

What do you honor? What compels you to try harder, even in the face of resistance or great obstacles? What is worth standing for? Fighting for? Working for? Praying for? Living for?

What choices do we make, in ordinary space and time? Let us honor this moment. What we choose to do here, affects all the worlds.

2 Responses to “Honoring the Now: Astral Temples and Martial Arts”

  1. Rootrealm

    INteresting theme you’ve brought up. It is helpful for me to read your thoughts today, re-orienting me to the depths, during a very difficult week of two crises: someone threatening to sue me and expressing the desire that I lose my house, and the disturbing experience of witnessing someone in my household having a psychotic break, then getting on the train to go be with his parents and recover, and then getting off the train at the wrong station in the middle of the night and going missing in a big city.

    WHile I struggle with crises, I envy your ability to spend your days seeing others open up. and witness growth and support. Of course, people wouldn’t be able to do this with you unless something in you yourself, and the space you created, elicited these responses from your students!

    I don’t believe I’ve often reflected on “honor”, although I do certainly have ideals or beliefs I stand for and live for. I guess I’d say that one of the things I honor the most, is the Divine being, her radiant truth and essence and tender love, which elicits such profound love, gratitude, commitment to growth and unfolding, and perseverence in difficulty among those of us who experience these qualities in Her. Her radiant essence draws forth the desire to love and serve in her honor, and also results in being touched at such a depth, that I am moved to want to be tender and soft, also in Her honor. I’m moved to want to sing and rejoice, in Her honor.

    What I stand for is Divine truth and beauty, how it radiates through existence and through the soul, and draws forth authenticity. I stand for authentic expression, that emerges from a deep place within, and sings out in a unique voice in response to this radiance. In its simplest form, I could say that what I honor most and stand for, is a song. It’s the unique song of the soul’s intimate response to the Divine. I want us to all be completely free to sing that song, our whole lives long.

  2. Thorn

    Rootrealm, this is beautiful. I love reading what you stand for. The more we weave that into our lives, the better the world becomes.

    I hope singing helps you to through these difficult times.


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