War is Over



Lest we despair…may we know, deep in the centers of our souls, that in these times – of war, dissension, poverty, injustice, hatred, schism, and pernicious denial – people came together to create beauty. People gathered to share the power of life itself. People made music. People wept. People laughed. People gathered. People danced.

I feel happy to be living in such times. I feel honored to be creating this world at your side. What can we do today, to remind each other that beauty dwells among us?

“War is over. If we want it.”

And we do.

Don’t we?

6 Responses to “War is Over”

  1. Dee

    Thank you. I have been despairing. I needed that reminder.

  2. Moira

    Full of beauty, I’m touched and delighted! With love,
    * Moira and the snake-goddess, that transforms and connects… Is she still with you and on your jacket?… 🙂


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