Shifting Paradigm, Changing Self



Honored to be chosen Keeper of the Light for 2012, last month I was asked to speak at the Pagan Alliance Festival in Berkeley, CA. The theme was Paradigm Shift.

This term comes to us from science, and physicist Max Planck wrote that "A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it."

We do not have to wait for this: As magic workers, as people seeded with light here on earth, we can learn to embrace change...

In the space between heart and will, ask yourself “What is it that I’m clinging to? What is it that keeps me in a state of fear, and can I slowly on my breath, allow some of that fearfulness - the fear of change - to shift and release?"

What do you think? Can the parts of our ego that fear change die and be reborn? Can we open to change, or will we cling to our old ways of thinking and doing? Myself? I live and practice with the knowledge that everything is in process, from God Herself to the vastness of the cosmos, on down to the smallest particle. That includes us. We change, and therefore we can choose to learn.

May we send out a prayer to the cosmos that we may be open to the change that is yet to come, that the legacy we leave to those who are our descendants of spirit and blood may be a legacy of wonder, of beauty, of love, and of magic. May we not fear the shifting paradigm. May we embrace it.

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6 Responses to “Shifting Paradigm, Changing Self”

  1. Rootrealm

    I loved your song after I first heard you sing it at this year’s Pantheacon. Then I found your CD including this song. It’s uplifting, and helps me feel loved, and to desire to be open and loving.

    I know some of the thought patterns I’m clinging to, and working to allow love to flow through me certainly helps me release these, which I have to do over and over, hoping that the habit of these thought ruts will eventually wear away through the movement of the water-like flowing love over their hardened, stone surfaces. The image of that helps me, too.

  2. Shannon

    What a beautiful way to acknowledge and prepare for the changes that are occurring now…right now. The chant is pure healing energy. I am grateful that I “stumbled” upon this today; I was also grateful to “stumble” upon your Samhain workshop @ Diana’s Grove in ’05 as I adjusted to the many changes that resulted from the breeched levees in New Orleans. I have sung, taught, and found comfort in your chants through these changing times. Thank you.

  3. ladyimbrium

    I really enjoyed your message, your prayer and your song. Change seems to be something that we fear yet desire- a conflict I am intimately familiar with. It is impossible to escape the future, whatever it may be. I’m glad that there are people devoted to sharing hope and good will in that future.


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