Love is the Valley


[What follows is a message that was given to me late January, 2010. It wanted to come forward today.]

Love is the valley in which you wander. Every day, we choose to set our feet upon the path. Again. Every day we seek that which feeds us and find inside that which we can offer. Every day we have to recommit to our lives, our relationships, our work, and our soul’s calling. Cut the ties that bind you to the past. Let the past be carried in cells and memory, not in this constant reliving. You are living now. Breath the sweet air that carries this message: life occurs in milliseconds. Things are born and destroyed in the blink of an eye. The future depends upon how you live today. Make your plans then let them be. Focus on the choices of the moment. Be here now. Live.

Do you choose to live in strength? Do you choose to waken beauty? Let us dance.


6 Responses to “Love is the Valley”

  1. Tallwoman

    Thank you so much for this message. I am taking steps today to quit letting the past live today. I start seeing a counselor for the first time to deal with the past and put it away. I appreciate you sharing this today.

  2. foxfire

    So beautiful… Your words, both written and spoken are my devotional; like cool water in this desert. Thank you for your contributions. Your work and the work of those like you touch more people than you know.

  3. sandie spillman

    thankyou so much! I needed to hear this message today. I pledge with myself to live the now, breathe the spring air, and walk forward ….new life in every step and opportunity in every encounter.

  4. Madelon Wise

    Thank you so much for these beautiful words, Thorn. I read them to the group before our dance last night. Perfect.

  5. Starr

    “Love is the valley in which you wander.”

    Ties so nicely with my magickal motto “lean into love”
    and the “love is the law” and “let love be the boundary”… I’m sensing a theme here!

    Great to have this line to add to these phrases that pull me back, again, into covenant with myself with GodHerself.


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