Sink into Silence



The well of silence welcomes you.

Allow yourself to listen. Allow yourself to sink. To float. To rest. To open.

Silence empties you of hurry. Silence fills you with a ringing presence beyond the mind. It includes everything. Silence carries you, in stillness, ever deeper.

The practice of listening, and allowing silence to grow within your field will make you stronger, more potent, and more clear. Give up your bustle and your worry for five minutes. Then ten. Then twenty… Over time, the silence will infuse even your laughter, adding a rich, bass note to your life. You will be whole, not a walking set of fragments glued together by your thoughts or your emotions. Silence, deep silence, connects us to ourselves. Palpable. Gorgeous. Open to this green earth, the coming new moon, and the mysteries of the stars.

(I point here to spiritual silence, and courting stillness within. I do not speak to the silencing of uncomfortable truths. That latter is simply oppression. The more we cultivate spiritual silence, the more clear our sense of justice, and the more powerful our actions and our words. Do not be silent for silence’s sake. Rather, let the well of silence teach you the power of all sound.)

6 Responses to “Sink into Silence”

  1. Jesi

    With the demands of a stressful job, grad school, and other factors lately, I had abandoned my practice when it was needed most. One day became a week, a month, another month… Now that “buzzing” is always present – the “what if’s”, the “I should have’s” – All the stories we feed ourselves. It is somewhat disconcerting to me how that disconnect to self happened so quickly, how old patterns resurface. I am thankful to you for your words, which once again prompt me to stillness, then action. Yule blessings to you and yours, Thorn, and a healthy and happy New Year. I am returning to the well of silence.

  2. Oak

    this feels so good.stillness silence as the sun is waxing in the deep of winter.

  3. P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

    I’m glad you wrote this, Thorn–I had just realized, during Saturnalia this year, that two different goddesses associated with silence are honored on the 21st and the 23rd in Roman practice, so it’s certainly a very relevant and important theme of this time of year…And, as you say, good practice generally!

  4. fortuna

    Thanks, Thorn.
    I’ve just entered the cusp of this way of being – of not rushing. Of not being rushed. It is an addictive state, really, all this rushing, and the antidote for me has been taking very very early walks…the silence of a still-waking city can also connect one to Self and a sense of fullness.

  5. P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

    One is very simple and straight-forward: Angerona, who is celebrated on the Angeronalia/Divalia on December 21st. She is associated with secrecy, and is depicted with a finger to her lips.

    The second is a little more complicated, because by the late Roman period, it’s not clear whether these various figures were syncretized to one another from originally separate goddesses, or whether they were three different developments from a singular goddess. In any case, that goddess’ name is Lara, and she was a nymph that was eventually “muted” for being too talkative by Jupiter, and she is sometimes given the epithets Muta or Tacita because of her silence; however, she was then linked to Larunda (an underworld goddess), Larentina, or Acca Larentina, and was celebrated on December 23rd.

    So, I suppose it’s two different types of silence: the kind that is associated with mysteries and secrecy, and the type that comes after excessive speech. (Though, being “muted” by Jupiter can also be taken in ways that are far less positive…polyvalent mythic meanings, as ever, are far preferable to singular ones, I think!)


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