Renegades (with Funk)


Stand up to speak for what is right, or sit down in solidarity with justice. Do these with as straight a spine as you can muster, aligned in body, spirit and in mind. Do this regardless of emotion: do you feel anger, worry, despair, or joy? Stand tall, sit solid, centered around love.

You have this choice: to remember that you are a child of this earth and sky, and within your blood flows the iron of the stars. Do you still choose to wander, unmoored from your own core, feeling displaced, small, and alone? You are neither displaced nor alone. You never are, even in the depths of your grief or fury. There is stillness in your belly, and iron in your blood, you breathe the same air that shakes the trees. Music rises in your soul, tapping at your feet.

pic by Beck Diefenbach

When we allow ourselves to become permanently bowed, something in us withers. The simple act of stretching our spines to better support our bodies, makes space for our emotions and allows blood to transmit oxygen to our brains. All of a sudden, we become better connected to ourselves. The better connected to ourselves we become, the better our connections to all things. Presence starts at our centers and becomes the most expansive thing possible. Presence is not a narrowing of focus, but a relationship to what is. And everything is.

The great unfolding is and is not, simultaneously. So are we. May as well show up. Something might be going down. Or there just might be a party.

Become a renegade. Dance strong. Live true. Stand up for something. Sit down for something. Occupy something. Do it with power and with presence.

“No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop us now!”

7 Responses to “Renegades (with Funk)”

  1. Rita

    Thanks Thorn. Your words help to re-energize me, and to connect with the iron in my blood.

  2. Pax / Geoffrey Stewart


    Thank you. Thank you for your writings and teaching and willingness to preach the gospel of self-possession! Your words especially remind me that even ~my~ body is sacred and beautiful and is not just a house for my magick and spirit, but their manifestation within this beautiful complicated world of ours.


  3. LizSeekingLiz

    “There is stillness in your belly, and iron in your blood, you breathe the same air that shakes the trees.” Oh, how that hits deeply for me today! Thank you. I am beginning to love the path as I once did, and I thank you for that, too.

  4. Starcat

    I love it! “May as well show up,” indeed! Being present in the body enhances presence on all levels.

    Thanks for the reminder.


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