The Gift: Winter Fuel for Native Elders



Because I feel thankful, because I know that gratitude is the seed of great magic, I want to use this Thanksgiving holiday to pass on some good fortune.

There is a rune in the northern traditions called gebo, the Gift. It looks like two lines crossing, forming an “X”. This can represent two things coming together, mutual obligation and responsibility. In my life, I take this as a reminder that my good fortune does not live in a vacuum, but requires me to continue to step forward, to meet that other line, locking the Gift into place. This keeps the magic flowing.

Each year, the elders at Pine Ridge, Rosebud, and other reservations have trouble heating their homes. 61% of the population lives below the poverty line. I won’t detail the years of injustice and neglect that have contributed to this situation, and right now, I don’t have the time, energy, and funds to rebuild every inadequate home on the reservation. What I do have the time and energy for is to collect money to help these families  - particularly the elders, some number of whom freeze to death each year - heat their homes. There is great injustice reflected in the way these people are living, and we can tip the balance slightly toward the good.

Solar Cross Temple is collecting donations and will send money directly to the heating companies who maintain a list of families who need propane fuel. 100% of the money after the paypal fees will go to this cause. The more money we collect, the longer into winter these families will have heat. We suggest donations of anywhere between $10-100 (or more for those of you who are truly blessed). Please put “Donation for Winter Fuel Drive” in the subject line so we know where to send the donation. And please pass this information along via any networks you are part of. There is a "donate" button in the left hand column of this page, if you scroll down.

Let’s give back to those from whom so much has been taken. Let us make this day holy.

Happy Thanksgiving.


(Solar Cross is a temple, so donations are tax deductible. Send paypal donations to "Donation for Winter Fuel Drive)

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  1. Nakima Geimausaddle

    I am from Pine Ridge but the military has taken me to Oklahoma where I currently reside. Your posting is greatly appreciated and because people such as yourself rarely get a thank you for trying to raise awareness…let me say it…THANKI YOU!
    We are Americans. It is time that America stopped worrying about Egypt and other places and took care of Americans first! Then take care of the rest of the world. On behalf of my edlers…AHO!

    P.S. If visitor to this site would like to make monetary donations to help prevent deaths of elders and children at Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations donations can be made through the Tribal Treasurer’s Office through Treasurer Cheryl Whistler. DOnors may call Cheryl for more information at 605.867.5821.

    You may contact me by email at or check us out on FaceBook!

    • Thorn

      I’m glad to see donations coming in!

      Nakima, I want to take care of the world, as well as those of us in the U.S. We are all one family on this beautiful planet. Thanks for writing in, and for the rest of the information.

      We plan to send money directly to two heating companies – St. Francis Energy and Lakota Plains Propane. I’m going to call them both. In the past, they have kept lists of families who need fuel. Solar Cross will make sure they are doing the same thing this year.

  2. holly

    thanks for the opportunity to give back with such ease; i hope many of us donate. gratitude is best expressed with generosity!

  3. Dave

    Just fyi, on the last page of the paypal confirmation process there was an error – something about a missing domain name. It looks like the donation still went through – I hope it did, but I thought I’d leave a message with a heads up jut in case.

  4. Shira

    Very fitting, too, seeing that the Solar Cross symbol looks suspiciously like a gas stovetop to me 😉

  5. Tina Clark

    Dave, I just got the same error message. I suspect perhaps it is because we went directly from the donate button on this page and not the actual Solar Cross Temple page, so it didn’t know where to “re-direct.”

    Anyway, I wish I could have donated more, but I know everything helps. I will spread the word.

  6. Dies Natalis Vestae Naukrateis; Dies Mortis Sancti; and Shinto « Aedicula Antinoi: A Small Shrine of Antinous

    […] First, today is the Dies Natalis Vestae, as celebrated in Naukratis in Egypt. The same cult calendar that gives us this date also gives several dates in relation to Hadrian’s visits to Tebtynis and Oxyrhynchus, as recently celebrated at the end of last month and beginning of this month. Vesta has several festivals celebrated in Rome specifically in her honor, including the Vestalia on June 9th, and the Vestal Virgins were involved in other festivals on March 1 and May 14; the Vestalia itself, however, is not said to be her dies natalis, and no records of such a festival survive in relation to Rome itself. However, this Egyptian calendar does record it for the city of Naukratis, which was the city upon whose model Antinoöpolis was built. Further, there is a deme in Antinoöpolis, in the phyla named for Divus Nerva, named Hestieus, thus being sacred to Hestia (the Greek equivalent of Vesta). Therefore, due to the Egyptian and Hadrianic connections of the documents relating this festival, it is thus of significance to the Ekklesía Antínoou. Thank Vesta today for all of the gifts of fire–particularly heat, in whatever form it may come, for your homes in this cold season (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere!); and, if you can manage to give to charities, you might consider donating to the Warm for Winter campaign through T. Thorn Coyle (and co.’s) Solar Cross Temple. […]


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