Self-Respect: Come to Your Success!


A Muslim friend once translated the adhan, or Call to Prayer as: “Come to prayer! Come to your success!” It has stayed with me for many years, this concept that making the effort to show up to practice opens the way to success. Not only have we shown up to ourselves, but the sacred has a chance to show up for us as well.

When are we not showing up? When are we avoiding our success? We aren’t late to meet friends for dinner, so why do we put off working on our novel? We aren’t late to our jobs, so why do we not get out of bed when it’s time to meditate?

When we don’t show up for ourselves when we have said we would,not only do we undermine our will and good intentions, we are treating ourselves with disrespect. We are not answering the calling of our hearts.

Do you respect yourself enough to show up when you say you will? Do you respect yourself enough to put in the time needed to finish your big project? Do you respect yourself enough to dedicate effort to your physical health? Do you respect yourself enough to slow down inside and pray, or study, or practice? I’ve said it hundreds of times: If you don’t commit to yourself, who will?
If we don’t commit to ourselves, how do we expect to “create the change we want to see in the world”?

What stops us? Fear. Inertia. Resistance. Habit. Disbelief.
What motivates us? Love. Interest. Engagement. Hope. The wish to turn from sickness toward greater health. Finally growing tired of our own excuses. Love and interest are the powers that will keep us motivated even after the energy from initial reactive states of feeling fed up passes. So then, we are left with this:
Can you love yourself enough to show up for yourself? Are you interested enough in your life to commit fully?

Will you treat yourself with enough respect to take on the teaching discipline brings? Will you get out of bed? Will you go for a run? Will you set time aside and work on: your novel, your painting, your garden, your spiritual practice…?

Really, we are all out of excuses, and they weren’t very interesting to start with, so we may as well begin to lead the lives we desire. Find the strength and love within, however tentative or powerful it feels. Find some systems of support and accountability to help you keep going. Find some self respect… and pass it on.

Come to prayer. Come to practice. The computer. The canvas. The garden. The meeting. The weights or the mat.

The way is open. Every single step is a step toward success. Find that next step and climb.

10 Responses to “Self-Respect: Come to Your Success!”

  1. David Salisbury

    For me, my biggest obstacle for showing up for practice tends to be monotony. I value mastery so much that I sometimes let my practice grow stale with and excess of repetition. It helps when I change up my practice schedule and add new things. I need to do that more often.

    Some things are a staple like energy loops, running the iron pentacle, and doing Star Goddess devotion. Other things get added but then don’t get filtered out enough.
    I wonder if others come up with this issue as well?

  2. Jess

    Thank you for this. I strive for arete, the best of what I can be, and it does help sometimes to have a good kick in the butt to remind me that if I want something I’ve got to go get it.

  3. Witch

    Hi, Thorn! I am very thankful for this post. I started to read it and it was so interesting for me but I had to turn off my computer. So I started to meditate and I realized that everyday I must go for my desires and work on myself but there are so many excuses and I know I must try again and again to live the life I want to. So now I finished reading Your post and it is so inspirational to work and to don’t give up.
    Blessed Be!

    David Salisbury, I have the same problem with monotony and add new things to practice also helps me 😉

    • Thorn

      I change up my practices periodically, but keep a couple of core ones. This lends stability, but avoids things becoming “rote”.

      And yes, outgrowing things… can we allow ourselves to change our view? Can we allow growth and learning? Everything is in process, including God Herself, including us.

      Blessings to you all.

  4. Starr

    It felt good to read this, smile, knowing I have been showing myself that respect this month!

  5. SK

    I have read many of your things through Patheos and since discovered your site yesterday. I have found much inspiration in going through many items. Lately this has been stuff I have been working on. I have realized that I have much more responsibility for myself than I was willing to admit when I was younger. I have always been shy and rather fearful of everything since I was very young. I became tired of living that way and as you stated in one item post…Living from the inside out basically. Oddly this morning I had a conversation with my spouse regarding another post about body love and how despite how others may see me I feel good about myself (I have always struggled with confidence) and am very proactive in taking care of my chronic health condition (rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid myocitis, sjogrens, raynauds, and possible lupus…oh the fun and challenge!).

    As this most recent post falls right in line with many of my thoughts regarding how much of what we do or choose not to do have to do with how much we respect ourselves. Nothing says we can not change things to keep them from being rote or becoming boring. I know I do still struggle on doing stuff everyday that I want to do and feel I should do with regarding to devotions. However I keep trying. Mostly I use the excuses of running out of time or being too tired. In some cases I have started to do some mediation on the bus I choose to ride to work.

    Nonetheless much of the confidence and fear stems from not respecting myself enough and following through on what I want to do to life a good life. As I have worked on this I have noticed a drastic improvement in my life and have seen the positive affects on my family and friends.

  6. Laila

    Hello, I just came across your blog today via the Wild Hunt website.. I have spent a good hour here and I really enjoyed your articles and love what you have to say and your attitude to life. This post especially resonated with me.

  7. Ellie Di

    Just last month, I started really practising both my writing and my spirituality. And holy crap what a difference. The inner child in me resisted the idea of “practising” because it seemed a punishment to have to do it every single dang day. But my Higher Self soothed and urged me on. Thank God.


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